I love choices

I love choices

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         I love choices. I love to walk around inbookstores-not because I can buy all the books,博之道娱乐城, but because I could buy one book, and Ihave so many to choose from.


I like buffets. I rarely get to go to them, but when I do, the firstthing I do is walk around and see what the choice are.


I also like the internet. It seems like cyberspace really doesn'thave any limits. There are so many things to discover--- like space.


Sometimes,博之道娱乐城, I think we don't appreciate the freedom that we have. Weare free to make many different choice. From the food we eat--- to the placeswe visit--- to the people we meet--- to the classes we take and on and on andon. But freedom has dangers. If misused, it can be harmful. I could pile amountain of food on my plate and NOT to eat it.


It would be a waste. But that's a choice I have.

The Internet has dangers, too.

If parents are not careful and don't supervise what their kids cansee--- well kids can lose some of their innocence because of freedom. There's areason for legal age limits when it comes to driving, gambling,博之道娱乐城,drinking,somking, andvoting. Until we reach that age, we aren't free to dothose things.

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